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Chinese Material Conference 2019 -- Chengdu

The "China Materials Conference 2019" was successfully held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province on July 10-14, 2019. The conference was dedicated to the "Material Fatigue and Fracture Session", and our company participated in the conference.

The conference was initiated and hosted by the China Society for Materials Research and is the most important series of conferences of the China Society for Materials Research. It is held once a year. The conference consisted of 42 sub-conferences and 1 material forum covering energy materials, environmental materials, advanced structural materials, functional materials, and materials basic research. In addition, a material education forum and a material analysis and testing technology exhibition were held concurrently.

There are more than 100 industry experts, colleges and universities and related enterprise technicians participating in the material fatigue and fracture sub-site; more than 40 special reports. As the invited unit, our company Li Zhijie participated in the meeting as a representative of our company and made a report entitled "Residual Life Assessment of Cracked Pressure Vessel Cylinder under Multi-Transient Action", which was highly praised by the participating experts.

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