Technology Consulting

For any product development company, besides process, supporting technology is very key to fulfill the process implementation.

We work with world wide leaders who are committed to providing advanced CAE solutions and software to its Customers within wide range of industries.

Our partners accumulated over 20 years of experience solving complex problems related to structure, dynamic, NVH, fluid flow, heat transfer analysis, electromagnetic and materials processing in product design and manufacturing.

We provide system modeling consulting to help customer understand system behaviors by using 1D system modeling software – CMS, which include:

  1. Hydraulic design
  2. Under hood cooling

  3. Engine system design
  4. Karalit Consulting

Also we provide other SEALD modeling methodologies to help customer improve the SEALD capability on structure, fatigue, NVH, dynamic etc.
Moreover, simultaneous engineer is very key in product development to ensure manufacturing does not have any problems before proto is made. We provide MFG process simulation including casting, stamping and die cast etc to make sure the product meets the performance requirement, simultaneously, meets the manufacturing requirements. The figure below illustrates the process of simultaneous engineering.

Zencrack Consulting
Zencrack Consulting-------
CADFix Consulting
CADFix ConsultingCADfix: Geometry-Only Translation and Repair
CADfix is the result of a 25+ year heritage in resolving data exchange and reuse issues. Through the CADfix technology, we enable our clients to effectively exchange complex solid and surface models between the world’s most popular CAD, CAM and CAE solutions with -----
CMS Consulting
CMS Consulting----
Karalit Consulting
Karalit Consulting-----
SFE CONCEPT Consulting
SFE CONCEPT ConsultingConsulting ability in automobile industryThree levels applying to automobile engineering:1.Reverse optimizationIf problems come up in the middle or late stage of the product development process, we can do some optimization refer to the problems......