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Consulting ability in automobile industry

Three levels applying to automobile engineering:

1.Reverse optimization

If problems come up in the middle or late stage of the product development process, we can do some optimization refer to the problems.

Case1: optimization of car lower body
Background: In the late stage of the project, the lower body of the car overweight
Goal: Reduce the weight of the lower body of the car
Constraint: Stiffness, mode and 64km/h ODB

Result: Successfully reduce the weight of the lower body for 16.6kg


Case 2: Optimization of the stiffness of the car
Background: In the early stage of the development, the stiffness did not meet the requirements
Goals: Improve the stiffness of the car
Constraints: Weight of the car

Results: The stiffness is 10% higher than before


Case 3: Optimization of impact performance
Background: In the late stage of development, the impact performance did not meet the requirements.
Goals: Optimize the impact performance
Constraints: Stiffness, mode and weight

Results: Successfully meet the impact performance requirements


2.Sequence (in early stage) design and optimization


3.Structure Database Platform

Through modular management, you can rapidly put the modules together to create a new modelSFE












Then through the parametric tools, you can create different models quickly.