1.Introduction of CADfix

CADfix removes barriers that prevent the reuse of solid models by providing an extensive set of geometry manipulation tools for importing CAD/CAM/CAE data, repairing it, and exporting the data in the most suitable form for reuse in the downstream system.

Through a user-friendly Wizard interface, the geometry repair and preparation process ensures that the model is correctly defined and suitably flavored for the downstream application by detecting and repairing a range of CAD geometry issues. CADfix also offers model de-featuring utilities which are very popular with CAE analysis users who require automated de-featuring operations (i.e. joining or collapsing of short edges and small faces, removing fillets and rounds, removing holes, etc.).

CADfix is packaged as a desktop or server solution with extensible modular functionality dependent upon the source and target systems of the end user.  The application may be integrated into PLM or workflow automation tools. CADfix also serves as a pre-processor for custom geometric translation, repair, de-featuring and meshing tools for proprietary, CAE-centric OEM applications.



 2.Features of Zencrack


CAD Translation

CADfix offers numerous translation, healing & repair advantages:

  • Multiple CAD imports
  • Batch processing
  • Intelligent model quality diagnostics and repair
  • Automatic processing Wizards
  • User-controlled model defeaturing
  • Interactive fixing tools
  • Multiple CAD/CAE exports

The CADfix workflow accommodates novice, occasional and experienced users. Translations and repairs requiring manual intervention can be completed with minimal effort:

  • Diagnostic results are explained and illustrated in clear, accessible language
  • Problems are color-coded according to severity
  • Users are guided through a choice of solutions
  • Model diagnostics are automatically updated after each repair

To learn more, please visit our CAD Translation Solution Page

CAD Reuse for CAE

CADfix offers CAE analysts the ability to automatically and interactively repair and transform CAD geometries prior to analysis. CADfix ensures that solid or surface models are robustly translated effectively into target systems. CADfix offers a full range of import and export functionality for pre-processing CAD data from native and neutral formats

Master Model Driven FEA, CFD

With ever shortening product design cycles, the emphasis on simulation tools to provide timely results to drive the design is greater than ever. This pressure dictates FEA, CFD and EM analysis being driven off the master model CAD data. CAD provides the geometry but a great deal of analysis time is still spent working with the geometry to prepare it for analysis.

CADfix for Geometric Exchange is uniquely positioned in the CAD to CAE data flow with its ability to read and write multiple geometric formats, repair and heal poor quality geometry and de-feature and simplify complex geometric definition. In the end, CAE analysts are starting with much more robust geometric definitions for their analytical needs.

For more information, please see the CAD Data Reuse for CAE solution page.


Supported Geometry Formats (CADfix V10.0, January 20, 2015)支持的几何文件格式(CADfix V10.0, 2015.1.20)


  • Native: CATIA V4/V5, UG-NX, Pro/E, CADDS 5i, SolidWorks, Inventor
  • Neutral (flavored & standard): ACIS, Parasolid, IGES, STL, VDAFS, DXF/DWG, STEP AP203/AP214, JTOpen 
  • Neutral (flavored): SolidEdge, I-deas NX


  • ANSYS, FEMGV, FEMSYS, Flite3D, Grid-pro, AGPS (Boeing), SC03 (Rolls Royce)
  • ABAQUS, CD-Adapco, Centaur, Dyna3D, LS-DYNA, LUSAS, MARC, NASTRAN, PAFEC, Xpatch

An advanced data access toolkit is available for users to create interfaces to their own analysis codes, and a neutral mesh format is also provided.

Supported Platforms (CADfix V10.0, January 20, 2015)支持的平台(CADfix V10.0, 2015.1.20)

  • Windows Vista & 7 & 8 32/64 Bit
  • LINUX RHEL 5 64 Bit

For CADfix support, FAQ's, troubleshooting and detailed release documents, please go to the CADfix Support Page.

3. Customers


  • Dongfang Electric Corporation
  • China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation
  • China North Industries Group Corporation
  • Navy EMC Research and Measurement Center
  • SAIC Motor
  • China Electronics Technology Group Corporation No.38 Research Institute
  • AVIC The First Aircraft Institute
  • Wuhan Iron and Steel(Group)CORP
  • AVIC Chengdu Aircraft Design & Research Institute
  • Beijing Institute of Technology


  • Snecma
  • Siemens
  • Airbus
  • Daimler
  • Boeing
  • Alstom
  • Honeywell
  • Samsung
  • ABB
  • Ansys
  • Dassault
  • MSC Software
  • GE Oil & Gas
  • BAE System
  • Autodesk
  • Toyota
  • LMS International
  • Johnson Controls