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Company Overview

    CONSYS GROUP LIMITED(CONSYS) is a professional consulting and technical company, focusing on software developments and sales, consulting, database developments and system integration in finite element simulation. CONSYS has independent teams on software sales, technical supporting and software developments, which is in a leading position at the finite element simulation field. CONSYS is oriented to the high-end equipment industry: aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, nuclear industry, rail transit, engines, energy and power, universities, etc., and has established cooperative relationships with nearly 100 research institutes and large enterprises. Currently, CONSYS is headquartered in Shanghai and has an independent R&D team in Beijing, which has undertaken different business systems.

    The core business of the CONSYS team includes two major components: foreign software agents and independent research and development. In addition, the integrated application and engineering material data management system oriented to design and engineering is also our direction.

    Main product introduction:

    1) Crack propagation analysis software Zencrack -- Commercial software from ZENTECH in UK. This product is widely used in aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, nuclear industry, railway transit, engine, energy and power, universities and other industries. It can quickly, efficiently and accurately evaluate the remaining life of equipment; quickly and accurately determine the equipment maintenance cycle and maintenance plan, which brings revolutionary changes on the methods and means of equipment life prediction and extending.

    2) Fracture mechanics consulting services --High-end value-added services based on Zencrack. At present, we have a dedicated technical team to undertake a large number of computing consulting projects.

    3) Probabilistic failure analysis software FRAS --Commercial software independently developed by CONSYS. The system can be customized to the actual needs of the user and has now formed a specific solution for the engine industry.

    4) Composite material design and analysis software CMS --Commercial software independently developed by CONSYS. The software realizes the function from the allowable value representation to the structural design and structural analysis for the composite material under the same system. It can also be customized to meet the user's special requirements.

    5) Data conversion and processing software CADfix -- Commercial software from ITI in the U.S.. The software is professional CAX data conversion software, providing professional solutions for the conversion, repair and simplification of different data formats in CAD, CAE and CAM.

    Help customer be successful, which is our key philosophy!