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Open position 1:CAE Engineer


  • Responsible for the pre sales of Consys consulting and software offering in China.
  • Responsible for all technical presentation.
  • Provide training to customer after customer purchase software.
  • Work with Consys partners to prepare technical proposals based on customer requirements.
  • Visit customer as needed to promote proposal, software live demo and have on‐site support.
  • Able to hold conference call between customer and foreign partners for better communication.
  • Coordinate with sale department to review the business contract and quotation.
  • Lead consulting project implementation with domestic customer and foreign partners and participate in simulation modeling as needed.
  • Manage and track project schedule with Issue/Risk/Change management


  • Master Degree or PHD in CAE Engineering or related 
  • Skill on CAE simulation
  • Additional Fracture Mechanics related skill are also preferred
  • More than 1 years working experience in R&D company focus on FEA is preferred
  • Have real experience in using at least one CAE software as below: Ansys, Abaqus, MSC/Marc
  • Have real experience in using at least one CAD software as below: PRO/E, CATIA, UG
  • Project Management Experience is preferred 


  • Strong technical skills in CAE simulation and CAD design
  • Good communication skills 
  • Good command of English in speaking, reading and writing 
  • Good plan and schedule management skills 
  • Open minded, good team spirit and willing to take responsibility 
  • Can work independently under pressure

Open position 2:  Account Executive


Please email your resume to info@consysgroup.com.cn if you are interested in those positions.