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Company Overview

CONSYS is a professional consulting and technology company, focus on product process consulting, technology consulting and CAE simulation technologies. We provide services and expertise in technical consulting and high-end engineering software with technical support and customization. With many years of experience, our customers spread out in many industries, including aerospace, aeronautic, automotive, construction equipment, nuclear, energy, shipping building, metallurgy and education system.

In the past 10 years, by working with world wide partners with solid experience on product development process and technology consulting services, CONSYS bring those best practices into Chinese market to help Chinese customer improve their product performance, reliability, productivity, reduce development cost and time to market. For every exact project, CONSYS's professional team will work with customer team and our partners side by side as ONE team to meet the project target, simultaneously, provide knowledge transfer to really help customer build their own capabilities on not only development process, but also development technologies, including product planning, target setting, customer load collection, SEALD on many areas such as dynamic, structure & fatigue, CFD, dynamic, NVH etc and reliability etc.

Moreover, CONSYS is working with other profession software vendors to improve the CAX (CAD/CAE/CAM) data interoperability to improve the data transfer efficiency and data quality. Also many other simulation packages to improve the CAE capability for many industries are provided, such as crack simulation and automotive concept design tools.

Help customer be successful, which is our key philosophy!